The House of a Thousand Lizards

We don’t get many lizards in our new home which is probably why Chris wants to go out all the time.

Bad Cat Chris

The title may be exaggerated but lately it seems like I find the cats playing with a lizard almost everyday. Sometimes it happens more than once in a day. I can only guess that they come in under the patio door, Chris or Puck finds them, asks them nicely if they want to play, and when hearing no reply (lizards can’t talk silly) bring them into the house for fun and games. It always seems to be a group event. Apparently they think they are pack animals like wolves.

This past week I had to dislodge three lizards from either Chris or Puck and put them outside. A couple more times I was too late.

The other day I walked by the bathroom and noticed Puck in the litter box and Chris standing next to it as if he was waiting his turn. Upon further inspection I noticed that Puck had…

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