Meet Frankie, Our Newest Addition

We adopted Frankie on February 8, 2014. When that date came around this year I forgot to mention it so I thought I would re-blog his rescue story.

Bad Cat Chris

Saturday Rose and I were discussing Valentine’s Day and she surprised me by saying that instead of jewelry, I could get her a Bengal cat. She then added that a Snowshoe cat would be acceptable too.

We were in the car so I brought up on my phone but there were very few that met her criteria. The ones that were listed were a fair distance away. They also had photos that were poor and descriptions that were almost non-existent. There was one possibility at the Hillsborough County Animal Shelter but they don’t answer their phones on the weekend and their description on Petfinder did not even mention the age, sex or temperament of the cat. I don’t understand why shelters don’t do a better job promoting their “detainees.”

We happened to be near a shelter called The Suncoast Animal League so we decided to look there. There was a…

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7 thoughts on “Meet Frankie, Our Newest Addition

  1. When the Cat is Awayw

    Thank you for reblogging Frankie’s first post! 🙂 This sounds like a true “adopt don’t shop” story, a bit like how I ended up with my two rescue cats. I wanted two older male, and ended up with two younger female cats. Hehe.


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