The Explorers

Even though Chris is older and more “mature” he still looks for trouble wherever he can find it. Sometimes he is a bad influence on the other cats.


14 thoughts on “The Explorers

  1. Carole

    That was funny. Chris has such an innocent look on his face.
    Frodo was watching that with me, and I’m hoping he doesn’t get any ideas from it LOL

  2. elizabetcetera

    FYI, you don’t sound very stern with Chris. I wouldn’t obey your voice either. You sound too permissive.

    And didn’t you know that ALL Chrises (Krises) are bad? ALL of them. My bother, I mean, brother, he takes the cake. He is so bad. I do know one Kris now who puts on a mask to appear good. It’s all an act.

    Chris is just gonna be Chris for Chrissake! 😉

    He’s like Christopher Columbus, the EXPLORER!

    BTW, I love Chris and your “fake” anger and annoyance doesn’t fool him one bit … he knows he’s on cam and loves the limelight! 😉


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