Badder Cat Chris

This post was from early 2013 when Chris was going through a naughtier than usual phase. He is not as bad now but still gets into moods when he wants to bite.

Bad Cat Chris

This is the story of Bad Cat Chris. The name implies that this cat is bad so if I would say to you that Chris had been bad lately, you would probably say, “Duh!” From your point of view, you would be right to say that but when you live with a bad cat every day you tend to become immune to the behavior. So, the fact that I think Chris has been bad lately must mean that he has been really bad.

Perhaps Tigger’s death has affected him, I don’t know, but he seems like he doesn’t know what to do with himself lately. It is like he is a kitten again with all this built up energy. My wife and I like to read at night but lately he has been going back and forth between us, first interfering with her book and then, two minutes later, interfering with…

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