…and the Bad Shall Lead

This post was from two and a half years ago and Puck still can’t ride my shoulders like Chris can.

Bad Cat Chris

When I met Rose, we both had an eight year old son living with us. My son, Chris, was somewhat easy-going and spent too much time indoors playing video games. (Just a side note: Bad Cat Chris was not named after my son. That is the name he had when we got him. See “What’s in a Name“) Rose’s son, Nick, was hyper-active and it was difficult to keep him in the house. When we all moved in together, we thought Nick would motivate Chris to go outside, but instead, Chris got Nick interested in video games. I don’t know if undesirable behavior is more influential or not, but in our household, that seems to be the case.

Take Puck for example. He came to us as a kitten and had surprisingly good behavior, but lately he seems to be picking up some of Chris’s habits. Recently he…

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5 thoughts on “…and the Bad Shall Lead

  1. Deziz World

    MOL We seem to be da opposite. Me has learned many good fings fwum sis Lexi and vice versa. And she dusn’t follow any of da bad habits me formed and instead twies to stop me. Me finks me has 2 mommies. MOL Da shoulder twick is a twicky one fur sure tho’. Da human has to have da wight shoulders to balance on in da furst place. Good Luck Puck, yous’ll get it figgered out.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


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