What Goes Around, Comes Around

It was a little fun to watch our new kitten, Puck, do to Chris what Chris had been doing to the other cats for three years. That didn’t last long though. Now Puck just puts up with what Chris dishes out. Frankie is another story.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris’s three-year reign of terror has ended. Okay, maybe that statement is a bit exaggerated but there has been a turning point in the Bad Cat Chris household.

Previously, Chris was able to dominate the other cats without fear of reprisal. He would often, out of the blue, pounce on Tigger or Abbey, pin them down and bite them on the neck. After a few minutes, he would then cozy up along side one of them like nothing had happened. Now that Abbey is gone and our new Kitten Puck is here, it is not so easy for him anymore. Puck fights back!

The two of them spend much of the evening going at it. Chris will attack Puck and Puck will counter with his own attack. I often see Chris as the submissive one during some of their many battles. It makes me think of Karma and the saying…

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7 thoughts on “What Goes Around, Comes Around

  1. Deziz World

    Yeah meez sissy had always been top cat in our house. Well technically she still is, but till me got here nopawdy had ever stood up to her or even challenged her when she got snarky. She will always be da Queen, but this little Princess gives her a run fur da money. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


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