The Call of the Great Outdoors

The years haven’t changed Chris but now we have Frankie who is just as stubborn about wanting to get out.

Bad Cat Chris

When we moved to our current home and Chris was able to go out on the patio again, we thought he would be happy. Unfortunately, it is like that old saying, “Give someone an inch and they will take a mile.” Chris was not happy with his inch. Being partly exposed to the outside just made him want it even more.

Every time one of us came home or left while the cat door was open, we had to figure out how to get through the door without Chris getting out. I use the past tense but it is still true today. Sometimes I would just let him out because it was easier than fighting with him. At first, just like at our last place, Chris would just roll around on the sidewalk, but soon he started making a beeline for the front yard.

Bad Cat Chris in bushes Bad Cat Chris in bushes


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9 thoughts on “The Call of the Great Outdoors

  1. Summer

    I wonder if all this wanting to get out is more of a boy cat thing – except for the semi-feral cat who came before Sparkle, my human never had a problem with keeping us girl cats inside. Binga has tried to get out a few times, but it was more of an attention-grabbing tactic.


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