Chris Takes the High Ground

This post was from three years ago and Chris has gained some weight since then so he tends to stay closer to the ground these days, but not always.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris on kitchen cabinet

Cats, by nature, seem to like being up high. I suppose it is the predator instinct and it is no more obvious than in a cat like Chris. I mentioned before that he likes getting on top of things and our new apartment seemed like it was built with him in mind.

For starters, our kitchen cabinets do not go to the ceiling so there is a gap above them that Chris loves to get into. he usually jumps on the counter, then to the refrigerator and from there it is an easy step up. Sometimes he will leap from the fridge to the cabinets on the opposite side. I worry that he will miss and hurt himself but so far, so good.

Bad Cat Chris on railing I don’t know how he does this

Then there is the handrail at the upstairs landing, it overlooks the living room and is…

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4 thoughts on “Chris Takes the High Ground

  1. onespoiledcat

    Those handrail shots always make my Mom shiver……..!! HAHAHA We truly are natural climbers but some things just weren’t MEANT to be climbed up on…..try telling that to a cat though.

    Hugs, Sammy


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