Another Big Move

It seems like we are always moving. This was two moves ago.

Bad Cat Chris

Late in 2011 we decided to move out of our waterfront condo and live where Rose works. Part of the reason for doing that was to save about $400 a month. The other reason was for convenience. Since Rose managed the property that we were moving to, she would not have to drive to work and she could better keep an eye on the property. It also cut in half my drive to work and eventually led to me being able to ride my bicycle there. (See

It was also better for the cats. I don’t think they appreciated the waterfront view as much as we did. What they wanted, especially Chris, was to go outside. Well, that wasn’t an option, but the new place had a screened in patio that the condo did not have.

We spent weeks packing, during which time our home was basically turned…

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4 thoughts on “Another Big Move

  1. onespoiledcat

    Well I thought the plastic was a pretty good idea but obviously Chris didn’t! Moving constantly with all that upheaval must be kinda tough on all of you……but eventually things settle down to a dull roar. EVENTUALLY. 🙂

    Pam and Sam

  2. Summer

    You guys do move around a lot! In the almost 12 years Sparkle lived with my human, she only lived in two houses. Binga and Boodie have lived in three.


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