Inside Cat Wants Out

I wrote this post three years ago but it still applies today, only now we have two cats who desperately try to get out every time someone opens a door.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris enjoyed a year of patio privileges while we were in Myrtle Beach but after moving back to Dunedin, that was no longer an option. Our condo did not have an enclosed patio so he was stuck inside.

Tigger and Abbey didn’t mind but Chris would often cry to be let out or he would try to race out the door when someone opened it. If he got out the front door (technically, the parking lot was the back of the building, but I consider the main door the front) he would just plop down to the ground and stretch. For Chris, it was not about exploring, it was more about celebrating the victory. Anyway, since we were on the second floor, there was not much for him to explore.

After awhile I started to let him out and I would stand there and watch him roll around. Sometimes he…

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4 thoughts on “Inside Cat Wants Out

  1. onespoiledcat

    Tough adjustment from being able to enjoy the great outdoors to being “stuck inside”…….hopefully they’ll settle down and realize there’s fun to be had INSIDE too. Maybe some kind of new cat tree or other “entertainment” might help????


  2. Summer

    My human has a rule with me – I’m never allowed to walk through a doorway on my own, when it goes to the outside. She picks me up and carries me over the threshold. It makes it less likely that I’ll bolt out the door because walking over the threshold is not part of my everyday activities. Of couse, its probably too late to make that part of your two’s reality.


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