When Three Equals Two

This story was from my “criminal” past.

Bad Cat Chris

As I mentioned earlier, we had to leave Princess and Alex with people we knew in Myrtle Beach because the condo we were moving into had a two pet limit. Normally, I don’t like to lie. I feel that honesty and good character are very important traits. That is why I felt guilty telling our landlord we had two cats instead of three.

When we owned a condo in the same development, I did not feel guilty having five cats. I guess it was because we knew the rule was really there to limit the number of dogs barking and pooping in the yard. We felt that the Condo Nazis had no business knowing what went on inside our condo.

Now that we were renting, it was not really our condo and the landlord did have the right to know. He was not a bad guy and if he knew…

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2 thoughts on “When Three Equals Two

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      It is very common to have a two pet rule. I think cats should be treated different than dogs because they don’t bark or go outside or bite people (usually) but they aren’t.


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