Preparing to Move

The dreaded moving day is approaching fast. We have been packing up the house for the last couple of weeks and this past week we have moved a good portion of our belongings to the new place. This kind of thing can be a very stressful time for cats and Puck is a bit more nervous than usual but Chris and Frankie are having a ball. Chris has been through three other moves and he seems to enjoy the upheaval. This is new to Frankie but he too is having fun. Perhaps because there is an endless supply of boxes to play in.

cat Chris in box

cats Chris and Frankie in box

cats Chris and Frankie in boxThe last two pictures were taken 14 hours apart.

cat Frankie on boxNotice the teeth marks on the box on the right.


No cat can resist a mattress on its side.

Saturday the movers are coming for the big stuff and then we have to figure out how to get three cats in two carriers. One of the carriers is big enough for two cats but trying to put one in while the other is trying to get out can be a challenge. Wish us luck.





17 thoughts on “Preparing to Move

  1. pilch92

    Best of luck with your move. I am sure the cats will adjust quickly once they realize your belongings smell the same. Good luck on getting 2 into one- is there anyone you could borrow an extra carrier from?

  2. Dennis

    I always think moving is exhausting, but you will be rewared if you are in your new home. My cat only had to move once, she was stressed at first too but then she started to enjoy it too, you are right, it’s probably due to the many boxes they can discover 😉

  3. The gang at Sometimes, Cats Herd You

    Good luck with the move! We agree that a borrowed carrier is a good idea. Stressed out cats can squabble in the same carrier — something the head peep discovered by accident many years ago on a trip to the vet that required buying a carrier at the vet to get a pair of brothers home! Even a quick trip to a local big box store for an inexpensive carrier might help… and you’d have it later for evacuation emergencies, etc.

  4. onespoiledcat

    Moving households is a HUGE challenge………especially when there are three cats who must be moved too!!! I’m sure you’ll pull it off – and then there will be the settling in period in the new place and the cat gang will get their boxes back!

    Pam and Sam

  5. catfromhell

    Ah! The joys of Moving…purrsonally, if its more than a 3 hour trip, mes would goes to Walmart and buys a cheap carrier, or get a cardboard one from the vet. Way easier than 2 mad/distressed cats in 1 carrier.
    But then this is probably too late….


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