Tub Pooper C

This is the beginning of Chris’s pooping problem. It continued to be a problem of varying degrees for about three and a half years until we moved into our current home. A certain type of litter helped a lot but the problem went away when I combined the litter boxes in the same room. I had them spread around the house so he was always near one, but now, if one box is not perfectly clean, he can move over to the other box.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris had a few minor medical problems when we brought him home. Rose said it was common for shelter cats to have issues so we waited to see if they would clear up. The first problem was with his eyes, Especially with his left eye. He seemed to sometimes not open that eye as wide as the right one. He also seemed to always have what we call “eye boogers.” It is like dried up mucus in the corners of his eyes.

We seemed to be constantly cleaning his eyes. Eventually the problem diminished but it never really went away.

This is Chris a couple of days after his adoption. Notice the “eye booger” and the partly closed left eye.

Of course we were not lucky enough to have a cat with one problem. He also had a very loose stool, almost like diarrhea and he seemed to always be pooping. He would poop…

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4 thoughts on “Tub Pooper C

  1. Carole

    Sammie tends to announce that she’s about to use the litter tray, but luckily she does always use it. She had bad eye boogers at first too, (love that name for it) but we got some ointment from the vet in case there was an infection and it cleared up gradually as she got a bit older. The vet said it was common for younger cats to get this as the tear ducts/channels may not be completely formed and could get blocked. She only gets the odd small eye booger now, and there’s no redness.


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