Decisions, decisions

I started this blog a couple of years after we adopted Chris and for several months I recounted stories from the past. Many of those were good stories but I had very few readers back then so I thought I would occasionally share a story from the past, starting with the day I met Chris.

Bad Cat Chris

Volunteering at the Sav-R-Cats shelter was nice because I finally felt like I could be useful and help get cats adopted. My primary job was to photograph the cats and put them on That was difficult at first because it had been awhile since anyone had done it and nobody knew the username, password and other important information. Eventually I got that working and I also revamped their website,

Rose came to visit the shelter a couple times and took interest in a cat named Kinsey. He was a very friendly cat that would jump onto the shoulders of visitors to the shelter. It was as if he was saying “adopt me” to anyone who would listen. We would have taken him in but we were not ready for another cat.


Eventually I started filling in at the Myrtle Beach Petsmart in the morning when they needed someone to clean…

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5 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks Dennis. I was only working part-time then. When I moved back to Florida I volunteered at another shelter until I found a full-time job. Now I wish I had time to do it again.

      1. Dennis

        I can imagine. I think this is a good occupation. I like activities where you go out with the feeling that you did something great. Also this is a good idea to get no gaps in the résumé until you find a job full-time, as you did then.


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