Meal Time

Meal time for our cats has become very predictable in our house. They all become very excited when I walk in the kitchen. Puck jumps on the counter along with Chris or Frankie until I take the can out and then whoever is on the counter with Puck jumps down but Puck remains and starts eating as soon as I put the food in the nearest bowl.

Chris takes a few bites from his bowl and then walks away. I then have to move his bowl to where he is, sometimes more than once. After a couple of minutes Puck leaves his bowl, before he finishes, and heads out to look for Chris and his bowl, just in case his food is better. When Puck approaches, Chris just walks away and lets him have it.

This is unusual for Chris, who is so dominant, but I think he is just addicted to dry food and does not care much about wet food. That is why I have been searching for a canned food that all the cats like, especially Chris. It is difficult because I want to feed them healthy but it seems they tend to shun the healthy food for the more moderate quality choices.

I was mixing raw food with their wet food but I have temporarily given up on that because too much was going to waste. I would like to get a good meat grinder and try to make the raw food myself. For now I am giving them Stella and Chewey’s Raw Freeze-dried Dinner as a treat instead of the unhealthy cat treats they were eating.

Recently I found a good quality food that is grain-free and everyone seems to like it. It isΒ  Earthborn Chicken Catcciatori Dinner. I have not tried all the flavors but the two others that I did try (which I foolishly did not take note of) were liked by two out of three cats. I would like to find one more flavor that they all enjoy so I can mix it up a little.

Let me know what you think. Has anybody else tried Earthborn or another high quality food that your cats really like.


12 thoughts on “Meal Time

  1. onespoiledcat

    Haven’t heard of Earthborn…..Sam’s an incredibly picky eater and I had to search and search for ANYTHING he would eat. Either they eat EVERYTHING in sight or just one thing (usually the one thing you can’t find regularly!!!!).


  2. The Island Cats

    Meal time at your house sounds the same as at our house. We have tried Earthborn and liked it, but found it very similar to the Weruva foods. We’ve just stuck with Weruva since we really like most of them…’specially the Cats in the Kitchen line.

  3. kittiesblue

    This looks exactly like our house. Lily is the one on the counter and must have the first bowl of food. Astrid, Mauricio, Lisbeth and Calista are at my feet. Fiona and Giulietta and Misty May usually eat in the foyer. Lisbeth will abandon her bowl after a few bites and nose either Fiona or Giulietta out of their bowls, if they are actually eating. They turn their noses up at most canned foods and try to bury it. Mauricio noses Lisbeth out of her bowl if she has decided to eat from it. I used to try to monitor who was eating what, but at this point, it is every cat for his or herself. I will never find anything that they all like. The kitties wanted me to tell you that they have that same water bowl! Hugs, Janet

  4. The Mad Hooligan Chronicles

    Just saw Earthborn tonight at the market, but at $2 a pop, I’m afraid we can’t afford that. It seemed to me that a lot of the organic cat food had ash contents about 2.5%. We were lucky because our picky eater HMC would at least eat Fancy Feast (expensive, but still affordable!). These kitties we have now will eat anything! Ellie

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I think it is about $1.69 at the natural pet food store where I bought it. I was feeding them ProPlan which is about 80 cents for a small can (it doesn’t come in a large can) so it works out to be about the same price but is grain-free, which I think is better for them.

  5. Sparkle

    My human hasn’t seen that brand yet – I’m a picky eater like Chris (only worse!), so she is always looking for something I’ll like. Lately, I’ve really liked a brand local to us on the West Coast called Party Animal. It’s organic canned food and my human usually gets it at Whole Foods.


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