Review of Cat’s Pride Cat Litter

Cats's Pride cat literIn a recent post I mentioned that I had finally settled on using a litter called Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter. It took awhile to get Chris to stop pooping on the floor so I decided that I would stick to what works. Well… I didn’t. Last week Rose and I came across a very good deal on Cat’s Pride cat litter and we decided since Chris seemed like he was cured of his floor pooping habit it was worth a try.


The litter is lighter than standard clumping litter which doesn’t matter much to me except when I change it and Cat's Pride cat litterhave to put it in a trash bag and hope the bag doesn’t break when I am caring it to the outside trash container (it’s happened). It is also a somewhat finer grain and is much easier to scoop. The litter scoop travels through the litter like a knife through warm butter.

The bad news is that the litter is somewhat dusty. It’s not as bad as some of the cheap brands but it is worse than what I am used to. It also tends to track more through the house. Those two problems alone would not be enough to regret my decision to buy it but there is a third problem that is much worse. It does not clump anywhere good enough to be useful, and the container says “Improved Clumping.” I try to be very careful when scooping but still the clumps break apart and some of the pieces fall back into the box, too small to be picked up with the scoop. That means that there is a build up of urine that just stays in the box. We even found a poop on the floor next to the box after just two days.

It has been six days since I put the litter in and I already bought more Precious cat litter so I can change back as soon as I have time to do so. Lesson learned. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


25 thoughts on “Review of Cat’s Pride Cat Litter

  1. catfromhell

    Oh Yes! Mes is VERY Purrticular about my litter. Well, not as much as me used to be since the litter me LOVED is not made any more! And me is like Chris, me POOPS on the floor when me dont like the current one.

  2. Sparkle

    We kitties here aren’t too picky about our litter, but yeah, we prefer that this sort of thing NOT be changed! Well, we like it changed when it is dirty, but using the same old stuff. 😉

  3. peacelovenwhiskers

    Never tried cat’s pride, we did arm & hammer but it broke up. I’ve been using the pet supply plus brand, which is dusty, but clumps very well. I want to try corn based litter but it’s too pricey.

  4. hairballexpress

    My human and I like the Arm & Hammer version of clumping pine litter! It’s the best one yet and really does eliminate odor…. It clumps great too…. Glad you found one that works fur you!

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          I think the feline pine is probably better for the environment. I am afraid to switch again but if I do I might get a small litter pan and put some in it as a test.

          1. hairballexpress

            The human used regular feline pine and liked it but then she asked hubby to bring some home from the store and he brought home Arm_ Hammer Feline Pine Clumping litter and now that’s all she will use… And it controls odor even better!

  5. Dennis

    I just wonder, do you have a cat litter box with a cover? I had one years ago and my cat didn´t like it so that she prefered to pee in my bathtub (laughing). It was at least not too stupid of her. Anyway, I was annoyed by this. Later then, my cousin told me that she experienced the same with her cat and in her case it was the litter box cover. I removed the cover after she told me, and see there, the cat now used the litter box. Now everything is fine.

    But I know… it does not have to be this reason but it can as I and my cousin experienced. Just in case you didn´t know that some cats dislike a cover over the litter box. Not sure if it´s the same problem in your case, but just wanted to mention it 🙂

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      You are right Dennis. Many cats do not like the cover. That is something I learned long ago and I mentioned it in a post I did recently:

      Chris’s problem started when we got him. At first he pooped in the tub and then it was the floor. I think he just does not like using a box that is not 100% clean, although he never pees on the floor. Also, since I have been using the good litter, he does not poop on the floor anymore.

      1. Dennis

        True. There can be so many reasons. Cats are very fussy about litter boxes. This is something that should be checked first and I usually tell it friends who got their first cats. Some just dislike the cover (understandably, as you mentioned in the other post, we try to avoid those Port-O-Potties as well if possible, because they are bhaaaa), and then I know cats that demand of you that you should sit near the litter box for 24 hours to be able to clean even if there is only one poop in it, and that immediately.

        Great that you sorted the problem out with Chris. I have gone through the same stuff with Shyna until I found the root of the problem as well. It was what I mentioned and what you mentioned and then she stopped to use the tube and floor too.

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          I am glad you solved your problem too. Sometimes people bring cats to the shelter because they don’t know about removing the cover or using a different litter.

          1. Dennis

            I know. This is a shame. Heard this so many times. The problem is that many people don´t think enough about the decision to get a cat or any other animals and they often don´t expect what it means to have a pet. Animals are no toys that you bring back if something is wrong. It´s a shame that so many people do this with animals. But our both cases show that you can find the root of the problem…. but I think we are a little bit more into the subject. Some others just don´t read enough, they don´t connect with other pet owners and so and when there is a problem they give up and the pets will land in the shelter. This is sad. Fortunately not all people are like them but still too many.

            1. Charles Huss Post author

              You are right and people should think before getting a pet. They need to know what to expect and also know if they can adjust to a problem pet. I think many of them are not bad people but they are ignorant.


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