New Cat Troubles

I have introduced many cats to our household over the years and it is never easy but usually after two or three days the war is over except for some minor skirmishes now and then. This time the war lingers on after eight days. It is getting better though. This weekend has been a bit of a turning point and the war has gone from the Civil War to the Cold War.

I did not expect Chris to be this bad. When we introduced Puck, Chris was eager to play with him. It was Tigger who had the problem. I can’t say it is all Chris’s fault though. Frankie gets very defensive when Chris or Puck enters the room and hisses and growls at them. Puck does the right thing and keeps his distance but Chris is undeterred and pushes forward, causing Frankie to retreat under the bed or stand his ground and fight.

Sometimes a fight starts just because Chris is too close. He seems curious about Frankie and wants to smell him but Frankie feels the need to defend himself. Other times Chris wants to show Frankie who is boss and will Chase him under the bed. We were leaving the house today and as I was locking the door I saw Chris chase Frankie out of the living room and down the hall. Out of pure impulse I went back in the house and chased Chris from the bedroom making a show of stomping my feet as I followed him out to the patio. I think I might have over did it though because it looked like I scared Chris. I felt bad about it but I also think Chris needed to learn that what he was doing was not acceptable.

We did have some good moments this weekend and I think we can at least leave the bedroom door open when we are gone. There was one moment yesterday when the two of the smelled each others nose without a fight starting. They also spent time together on the patio, although not too close.

Chris and our new cat Frankie

Frankie keeps a watchful eye on Chris.

Chris, Puck and our new cat Frankie

Frankie, enjoying some time on the patio, has to keep an eye on Chris and Puck.

Puck and our new cat Frankie

Puck made it to the second perch but Frankie’s hisses forced him back to the table.

Things are slowly getting better. A little too slow for my taste but we don’t know what kind of trauma Frankie went through before we took him home. He may just need more time before he trusts the other cats. I think he might also have to accept Chris’s role as the alpha or we may never see peace.


18 thoughts on “New Cat Troubles

  1. Kitties Blue

    Good luck. Some of us have lived together for years and years and still don’t get along. Frankie and Chris may never be friends but hope you don’t give up and decide to send Frankie packing. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks. I think Frankie will have a home here for a long time. We are not in the habit of returning pets, If we were, Chris would have been gone before the first week was over.

  2. The Island Cats

    Every cat is different. It can take a few weeks or even months for cats to finally learn to live together. Sometimes they never learn to like each other. Patience is the key. It sounds like things are going in the right direction, though. We hope it works out.

  3. peacelovenwhiskers

    Poor Frankie. Sending him lots of good luck. We are working through almost the same issues with pur foster failure miss trixie. She doesn’t like being sneaked up on and buggy our 12lb gray tabby made that mistake. At least Frankie is adventuring, miss trixie stays on the counter, she ventured her first day here and that’s it. She will go an opened blind if I’m around.

  4. onespoiledcat

    Gosh…..we hope things eventually calm down and everyone can learn “peaceful co-existence”……when you bring cats into the house who have a somewhat unknown past, their old behaviors can be tough for other cats to adjust to……I do hope things calm down though because I think the guys will enjoy having a new playmate – – – – one of these days!

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. random felines

    sometimes it takes longer than others, but you certainly seem to be on a good path. sometimes mom says that she wishes the scaredy cats in our house would just take one good whack at whomever is chasing them and hope it would all straighten out. but we have faith all the boys will figure out the dynamic. πŸ™‚

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Chris can be a bully sometimes and occasionally Puck will give it right back to him. But they fight mostly as play. The fighting with Frankie is more serious and I can’t wait for the day when it becomes more play than serious.

  6. Charles Huss Post author

    Reblogged this on Bad Cat Chris and commented:

    When we introduced Frankie to our house in early 2014, Chris was not happy about it. He gave Frankie a hard time for a month or so and then decided he wanted to be friends, but he burned his bridges and Frankie didn’t want that. Fortunately, they get along now.


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