Scaredy Cat

Rose’s son flew in yesterday from up north. He is at that carefree age when loud and obnoxious is the norm. On the way home from the airport we picked up one of his friends and had two carefree young men in our house. As every parent knows, when you put two kids together the loudness does not double , it rises exponentially.

Chris was perfectly fine with it. If he was human, he would be leading the group. Actually, if Chris was human, he would have taken them on a pub crawl or something and our house would have been quiet.

Puck is very different from Chris. He does not see change as a new adventure like Chris does. Puck has a special hiding place under our bed just for that occasion when someone new comes into the house. He has managed to pull down the underside of our box spring and climb up inside of it. That is what he did when we came home with the boys.

That evening the two of them borrowed our truck and left for a few hours. That gave Puck a respite and he was able to come out of his hiding place. We then went to bed and closed the cats out of our bedroom.

When the boys came home Puck was trapped in the spare bedroom and freaked out when they came in the room. We heard a loud noise and found out the next morning it was Puck knocking things over as he made his escape. I don’t know where he went to but after we got up this morning I did a thorough search of our house and eventually found Puck under our bed. I don’t know how he got there without us seeing him but he didn’t come back out until the coast was clear.

Our cat Puck hiding under the bed.

5 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat

  1. colleen

    Poor little puck…! I hate to see them “terrorized” ! a pub crawl… too funny. Meow-y Christmas to you, Rose, and the furkids!


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