Photo Friday: Opening Doors

Chris is great at opening doors but I am usually on the other side of the door so photo opportunities don’t come along everyday. This photo was taken as Chris was desperately trying to get out the front door. Until recently he never bothered trying to open the door to the outside but I think he realized it is just like the door that leads to our bedroom that is so easy for him to open. This door, however, is a bit more difficult. The wet, humid summer has swollen the door so much that I can barely get it open, if Chris manages to open it I will have to start calling him SuperChris.

Bad Cat Chris trying to open door

This is a great picture for a caption. You can see mine here. Can you think of one?

7 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Opening Doors

  1. fozziemum

    I have to laugh …I imagine what he is thinking…..Pickles does the same ..same door handle …must be preferred by 9 out of 10 adventurous cats 🙂


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