The Bitter Taste of Freedom

I had the day off from work today because it has been very slow. Since I was planning on riding my bike to work I decided instead to take the bike out for a fun ride this morning.

I keep my bikes on the patio and we normally keep the patio door locked so nobody can let the cats out but I left it unlocked this time. There is no way to lock it or unlock it from the outside and I wanted to be able to put my bike back without having to walk around to the front door.

I was gone for about an hour and a half. When I returned, it was almost 11:00 and it was already pretty hot. As I walked the bike around to the back, I heard Chris crying on the patio. At least I thought he was on the patio but when I looked closer, I noticed I was looking at him through two screens.

The far side of our patio was built with a small space for the air conditioner. Chris was outside in that space, probably trying to figure out how to get back in. He was crying and panting and for one second, I thought about taking his picture, but it seemed cruel to make him wait. I walked around to where he was and when I got there he cried some more and indicated he wanted me to pick him up. So up he went onto my shoulders and we walked into the house together.

Our Patio

This picture my help visualize where Chris was when I found him.

I was concerned Puck got out too. I didn’t see him on the patio or anywhere nearby. I also didn’t see him when I walked into the house. After a quick search, I found him in the back bedroom looking out the window.

I don’t know how Chris got out. He is a master at opening doors, perhaps he figured the screen door out. It is also possible that it did not latch when I closed it or someone opened it after I left. I don’t know. I just hope this experience makes him less likely to want to go off on his own again. I know I will be locking that door before my next ride.

17 thoughts on “The Bitter Taste of Freedom

  1. easyweimaraner

    I understand you Chris… it’s no fun to be outside alone while Pucks has the sweetest dreams on the bed :o) Glad for the happy end… have a green beer and a happy st. paddy’s day :o)

  2. elizabetcetera

    My cats are TERRIFIED of the real outdoors. I have a screened in porch that I encourage them to use. I had to sign a contract with one rescue agency that I would not let my cat outside — that he would be a forever indoor cat. Fine by me! No fleas. And I don’t have to worry when (and if) he’ll come home. The local humane society from where I adopted my other cat stressed NOT to let my cat outside and make him indoors only.

    Poor Chris and his “adventure”! 😉

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I am not against cats going outside but it needs to be in a controlled and safe environment, like a yard with a cat proof fence. I think walking in the grass is good for them but a catio is the next best thing. We can’t enclose our yard so sometimes I let Chris out and just watch him and other times I put Frankie on a harness and walk him but neither of those happens too often.

      1. elizabetcetera

        I catio! I love it! That’s what I’m going to start calling our screened in porch … I proposed SIP, but in never took. Catio! YES! Hope you don’t mind me being a copy cat! 😉

        And I watched all your videos … yeah, I think that a great way for the cat to explore the outdoors. You even have cat leashes. Too funny.

        There is a ridiculous law in the state where I live. It states:

        “Texas, for example, has two laws in which cat confinement is discussed: The first one being that cats are allowed outside as long as they are in a fenced yard or on a leash; and the second law is that cat’s may be ‘outside without restraint, provided they are under the owners’ immediate control or on the owners’ property’. Texas state law actually allows all of its counties the freedom to pass cat leash laws as it deems necessary for its county.”

        My old cat, who had a collar with updated rabies vaccine at all times, roamed freely around the neighborhood. Nothing ever happened.

        My two “new” cats are terrified of the outdoors so they cat the Catio! 🙂

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          You are free to use catio since I did not invent the term. I also don’t know how any cat without a leash can be under someone’s complete control. Certainty not my cats and especially not Frankie.


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