Early Morning Folly

I woke up this morning just before 2 a.m. because I had a very bad headache. I got up and went into the bathroom to get a couple of aspirin. I thought we had some in the medicine cabinet but it seemed we were out and I didn’t want to wake up Rose to ask her where they were so I checked everywhere I could think of inside the bathroom.

While I was doing that, Puck ran by the bathroom door with Chris hot on his tail. He then ran by again while Chris continued to give chase. Soon he ran into the bathroom and stopped under Rose’s make-up chair, right next to the bathtub. I could see he had something hanging from his mouth. It looked like a lizard but it seemed pale and had no tail.

Puck stood there with Chris by his side. He was making a strange noise that sounded like a growl, cry and purr all at once. As I looked closer I saw that it was a lizard hanging from his mouth but it wasn’t moving so I assumed it was already dead.

Just then Puck dropped it and it took off running. It got about six inches when Puck put his paw on it and stopped its forward momentum. It got away again and started scrambling up the wall when Chris stepped in and put his paw on the lizard and knocked him back to the floor. When it hit the floor, puck pounced on it and picked it up again and left the bathroom with Chris in pursuit. I heard the cat-door flap swing open twice, indicating both cats were now out on the patio. That was the end of that.

It occurred to me that for that thirty seconds my headache seemed to disappear. It quickly came back with a vengeance. I eventually found the aspirin but after taking it I found I could not lie down because my head hurt worse while I was in that position. I ended up sitting up in the living room for two hours waiting for my headache to go away. I think maybe Chris sensed I was not feeling well because he stopped his lizard hunting and stayed with me for most of that time. As bad as he is, there are times when he can be a good cat.


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