New People To Annoy

I mentioned before how Chris loves visitors and was reminded of this the other day when the exterminator came to our house. Nobody was home when he arrived but Rose got a full report from him later.

He said that Chris followed him around the house and was closely investigating everything that he was doing. He was there because we had a problem with ants but because Chris was sticking to him like glue he felt it was not safe to spray, so instead he decided to just put down some ant bait and hope for the best.

The exterminator is not alone. We have a cleaning woman who comes once a week and a couple of times I came home after she left and found poop on the patio. I think this is because Chris gets in her way when she is trying to clean so she puts him on the patio and closes the cat door so he can’t come in. Since there is no litter box out there, when he has to go, he poops on the floor. I don’t like that I have to deal with that but I know Chris and I understand the need for it.

I think it is very unusual for a cat to enjoy the company of strangers. If anyone reading this has a cat that likes strangers, please leave a comment. I am very curious.

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