Chris Takes Over

It wasn’t long before Chris made himself right at home. He established himself as the alpha male from day one. I must admit that It surprised me that our other four cats let this little, skinny kitten completely dominate them.

Tigger was the alpha cat. We called him the Accidental Alpha because he was more like Baby Huey and would force himself into situations more out of ignorance than intention. Chris, I believe, wants everyone to know he’s boss.

He seems to have a dual personality. One minute he will attack some random cat, the next minute he slides himself in next to them and expect some affection or a bath. If these were people, every one would hate him, but cats are very forgiving.

When it comes time for treats it is no different. He will abandon his treats and eat those of another cat. I am never sure if he is being greedy and wants them all or if he is not totally happy with what he has and thinks the other ones are better. He is not a big eater so I would assume the latter.

Next time I will tell you about his poop. Bet you can’t wait for that.

Chris getting comfortable on his second full day at home.


9 thoughts on “Chris Takes Over

  1. Robin

    I think some cats are just born with dominant personalities. It shocked me that Manna ended up being the dominant one in our household. She is tiny and Cinco is gigantic! She is the younger of the two as well. Anyhow, the poop story sounds like it’s going to be pretty interesting. I’ll keep an eye out for that one LOL

  2. catfromhell

    Poop! Yeah! mes LOVES posts about Poop! At our house, Kozmo is the Alpha Makle and Jo jo the Alpha Female and she rules Kozmo too!


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