Chris’s Thirteenth Birthday

Someone recently commented on an old post where I mentioned that I was worried because Chris was almost eight at the time and we had lost three cats, Tigger, Abbey, and Alex, all at eight years old. Now Chris is thirteen and still going strong. That is not to say he doesn’t have problems. He is still prone to ear infections, he is quite a bit overweight, and he possibly has arthritis to some degree.

Age has taken a toll on his “bad” behavior. He no longer fills his days with naughtiness, but he can still be plenty annoying. What hasn’t changed is his affectionate behavior. Chris has always been the most loving cat I have ever seen, both with humans and other cats, and that has not changed one bit.

He started out a little love bug . . .

Bad Cat Chris at adoption center with Rose.
Chris at adoption center with Rose.

. . . and now he is a big love bug.

Chuck and Bad Cat Chris

I can only hope Chris will be with us for a long time because the void he will leave behind will be way too big to ever fill.

28 thoughts on “Chris’s Thirteenth Birthday

  1. Cleo

    Oh My Heavens, what a heart-flutteringly fabulous collection of photos! Tell Chris that I’m 18 heading towards 19, and old Orbit before me, who started our blog way back, made it to 22. He sure was the cutest little boycat, and is a handsome, handsome gingery mancat!!

  2. databbiesotrouttowne

    dood…ya noe how ya steel a cell ewe lar dee vize then sneeek inta
    word press sew ya can tell a friend heerz two a total lee awesum lee
    happy day with a grate yeer a head N heerz two de next 13…..‼️❤️
    well…heerz two a total lee awesum lee happee 13


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