Getting Ready for Christmas

Today we had the pleasure of putting up our Christmas tree… with help from the cats, of course.

cats and Christmas tree

Chris managed to get into the bag before I got tree tree out.cats and Christmas tree

Frankie was there helping me put the pieces together while Puck supervised. Unfortunately, Puck’s pictures did not come out well.cats and Christmas tree

The tree looked great after Rose decorated it,

Christmas tree

It definitely met with Chris’s approval.


I put up lights around the windows after the tree was done and Frankie was there to help every step of the way. I asked Rose to take a picture of us but when she did she called Frankie to look her way but he jumped down and went to her instead.

Who else gets extra help for the holidays?

Badder Cat Chris

Charles Huss:

This post was from early 2013 when Chris was going through a naughtier than usual phase. He is not as bad now but still gets into moods when he wants to bite.

Originally posted on Bad Cat Chris:

This is the story of Bad Cat Chris. The name implies that this cat is bad so if I would say to you that Chris had been bad lately, you would probably say, “Duh!” From your point of view, you would be right to say that but when you live with a bad cat every day you tend to become immune to the behavior. So, the fact that I think Chris has been bad lately must mean that he has been really bad.

Perhaps Tigger’s death has affected him, I don’t know, but he seems like he doesn’t know what to do with himself lately. It is like he is a kitten again with all this built up energy. My wife and I like to read at night but lately he has been going back and forth between us, first interfering with her book and then, two minutes later, interfering with…

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I Missed Chris’s Gotcha Day

I don’t know what I was thinking but Chris’s sixth Gotcha Day came and went on Saturday and I just forgot about it. I knew it was coming up but sometimes time just gets away from me.

Here are some pictures of Chris at the shelter and the first few days at home. You can read about his adoption here.

Chris meets Rose

Chris meets Rose

Chris getting comfortable on his second full day at home.

Chris getting comfortable on his second full day at home.

Everythig is okay here. Now you can put up the Christmas decorations.

Everythig is okay here. Now you can put up the Christmas decorations.

Day two - Chris attacks stuffed animal

Bad Cat Chris

Bad Cat Chris

Needy Cat Chris

Charles Huss:

Chris does nap with Puck more now than when this post was written and even Frankie lets him be close now, but he is still the most needy cat of human attention that I have ever seen. I also predicted that a new cat (think Frankie) probably wouldn’t like Chris.

Originally posted on Bad Cat Chris:

Chris on my lap Chris on my lap – Not my best photograph but…

As I write this, Chris is napping on my lap. Oops… I disturbed him reaching for my phone to photograph him. I was able to get one bad picture before he disappeared.

There is a point to mentioning this. Chris has sought more attention from Rose and I since Tigger passed away. That is not to say he didn’t want attention before, it just seems like he has become even more needy lately.

Chris has always sought attention from other cats and received it. Usually he would lie down on top of or between two other cats, who would at first be annoyed with him but then would settle into washing his ears or something. This happened often with Tigger and Abbey who would be sleeping together and then would be suddenly awakened by Mr. Rudeness himself.

Now, all the cats we introduced…

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