Photo Friday: Classic Chris

Frankie has been in the spotlight too much lately and I wanted to show a photo of Chris that I really like. You have probably seen a similar one where he is playing with toys while in a baby’s carrier. This was taken at the same time and shows not only what he does best, being naughty, but also a priceless expression on his face. It was taken Easter Day, 2010.

A young couple came for dinner with their baby and Chris kept steeling the baby’s pacifier. We would take it away from Chris and then he would unzip the diaper bag and take another one. I think he made off with three of them. We had to buy them new pacifiers and we bought a spare pack for Chris. Bad Cat Chris in baby carrier

Frankie is a Work of Art

Recently, I started following a blog called One Drawing Daily. The author and artist, Thomas, committed himself to draw everyday to improve his skills.

I paused after writing that first sentence because I realized I never saw his first drawings and I wanted to see how much he has improved. After looking, I believe he has improved but he also started out 100 times more artistically talented than I am now.

Anyway, after following his blog I also liked his Facebook page where he mentioned he was taking requests for drawings. Naturally, I sent him a request and he responded yesterday with this beautiful drawing of Frankie. You may have seen it before on the post “Could This be the End of Outside Adventures?
2015_04_29 Frankie - Drawn by Thomas from onedrawingdaily dot comI think it is a beautiful rendition. What do you think? If you like it, perhaps you can leave a comment on his post here as well. Just for a reference, I have included the original photo below.

Our cat Frankie under a car


Frankie Escapes Again

It seems our cat’s weekly romp in the back yard has come to an end, thanks to Frankie. The last couple of times we let them out, Frankie led me on a wild goose chase, hiding under cars along the way so I couldn’t catch him. Last week was the final straw and Rose decided she did not want to let them out again. Of course, not letting them out and not letting them get out are two different things.

Three times in the past week Frankie got out the front door when we were trying to leave or come in the house. Two of those times Chris ran out the door at the same time. They double team us. When we try to block one, the other cat sneaks around us and out the door and then when we shift our focus to that cat, we end up losing both of them.

It seems weird that I am saying this but Chris is good. He always stays close to the house, at least for a little while. Frankie runs like the wind. The first couple of times he got out I was able to grab him right away because he was distracted by a lizard. The last time was on the weekend when Rose and I were leaving to catch a movie. Frankie led us both on a long chase.

Cat Frankie under car

On my last post on this subject, Nellie suggested a Super Soaker might get him out from under the cars. With that in mind I grabbed the squirt bottle that we sometimes use to help us get into the house and to also stop Frankie from picking at the screen by the front door. I used it on him several times to try to dislodge him from the cars he was hiding under. Sometimes it would work but he would just run to the next available car. Other times I kept squirting him but he seemed not to notice.

I was starting to get worried because, despite our attempts to “herd” him the other way, he kept getting closer to the busy road we live near. Finally I was able to get him out in the open where Rose grabbed him and brought him home.

What concerns me now is we are planning to move to a new place. One without the big back yard and one that may be less tolerant of cats running around outside. I want to keep them inside but I also want to bring them out so that if they do escape they will know where home is.

Top Cat Chris

Charles Huss:

Chris hasn’t changed much since I wrote this although his added girth does mean he now lies more “next to” than “on top of” the other cats.

Originally posted on Bad Cat Chris:

Chris disturbs Abbey’s nap.

When we first got abbey, we soon pinned a nickname on her, “The Topper”, because she would poop and not bury it. She would just leave it on top for everyone to see…and smell. Chris could also be considered a topper because he is always plopping himself down on top of someone, or something. As I write this he just went from bothering me and plopped himself on Abbey who is graciously licking his ears. (Can you tell I am trying to avoid the lay, lie, laid. lain dilemma?)

Chris napping on Tigger

We feel bad for Chris sometimes because he is like the kid that nobody wants to play with…or nap with. Sometimes we think about getting another hyperactive cat that he can be friends with. That could work or it could be the stupidest idea since New Coke.

Abbey annoyed with Chris.

Chris’s obsession…

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The Greeting Committee

It seems almost every day when Rose and I return from work, all the cats are in the living room looking out the window like they were expecting us at that time. I suppose that is understandable because we come home at around the same time every evening, but that doesn’t explain how they are there waiting at the window on the weekend when we come home at random times. I am convinced that they know the specific sound our truck makes and hear it when we get close to the house. After all, the cats have excellent hearing. I was able to test that theory yesterday.

Our cats looking out the window

Our cats looking out the window

In 2009, when Rose got transferred and we moved to Myrtle Beach for sixteen months (where we found Chris), it was easier to get rid of my truck than to bring two vehicles, five cats and a moving truck. Since then, I have enjoyed the freedom that not having a car payment has given us. I will admit it has been inconvenient at times, but I thought it was worth it. Since we moved almost two years ago it has become more inconvenient and I could no longer resist Rose’s urge to get a new car, so yesterday we bought an almost new 2014 Ford Mustang Convertible.

Rose and our new Mustang

Rose and our new Mustang

We had a convertible PT Cruiser until we moved into our new home and we traded it for the truck because the turbo went bad. We  both missed the feeling of driving with the top down so, even though I am no fan of a car payment, I am happy about buying it.

To save gas, I will leave my truck at Rose’s work a few days a week because it is on the way to my work. I did that yesterday because Rose wanted to show her new car to her co-workers. We then drove half-way around the world in the car and came home late. When we opened the door, there was not a cat in sight. They did not hear the truck and we had completely surprised them.