Space Invaders

Since we put the Armour in the spare bedroom, all the cats like getting on top of it but Frankie has somewhat taken over that space as his own. Since our living area is somewhat limited, lately Frankie’s space has been invaded by Christmas related stuff. We needed a place to store gifts and other stuff while preparing for Christmas. As you can see, Frankie was not too thrilled about losing his spot.

Frankie and Chris

The good news is the gifts are all wrapped and under the tree. The bad news is we have a visitor so other things are being stored up there for the moment. Oh well. At least it is temporary and things should be back to normal in a week.

Conversations With Chris: The Gift



I think I’d like to open my Christmas gift now, Dad





It’s too early, Chris. Christmas is more than a week away. Besides, you already tried opening a present that wasn’t yours and Rose had to tape it back together.



Torn gift.



That wasn’t me. That was… uh… Puck, I mean Frankie.





It doesn’t matter. If you open it now you will ruin the surprise. Besides, how do you even know you have a present?





Who else would have a present with mice tied to the gift bag?


Gift bag




Good point, but you still have to wait.





How about a little catnip then?










Works every time.

Bad Cat Frankie

Frankie has been a real pain lately. If you read my post, We’ve Created a Monster, you know it started when Frankie escaped briefly on Thanksgiving and then got worse after I decided to put a harness on him and let him outside.

It seems that whenever we are in the living room, Frankie is there batting at the vertical blinds or digging his claws into the screen. I decided after that post to stop bringing him outside. I thought he would eventually forget about it and stop being such an annoying pest but things don’t always go as planned.

Our cat Frankie picking at the screens

When Rose and I come home together it is easier to double team the cats to keep them from running out. Chris has always been great at sneaking out the door but we have adjusted to his little tricks. Unfortunately, now that Frankie is aggressively trying to get out as well, keeping them both in has become much more difficult.

A little over a week ago I came home without Rose. It is very dark by the door since we don’t keep a light on all day so I knew I would have to be extra careful. I opened the door, which swings open from my right to my left, and put one of the bags in my hand down low and pushed Chris back, away from the door. Just then Frankie came around from the left. I moved the bag over to block Frankie but he slipped under the bag and under the door and was free.

I put everything down, closed the door and went after him. Frankie is not a cat like Chris, when he gets out he runs and keeps running away from the house (see Frankie’s Big Adventure). Since it was dark and did not have Rose’s help, I really worried I would lose him. We nearly lost him twice before during the daytime.

I pursued him past the condo building next door and he then disappeared between two buildings. I thought that was it, he would either come back on his own or he wouldn’t. I didn’t want to give up but didn’t know what to do so I decided to stand near the street and wait. My hope was that he would venture back toward me.

I waited about five minutes and suddenly I saw a flash of gold. It was Frankie. I moved toward him but he hid under a car. I tried to coax him out and it worked at first. He come out close enough to smell my hand but when I moved to grab him he was gone.

I then tried to think like a sheep dog and basically “herded” Frankie toward home. When I got close, I saw my neighbor and asked for his help. Together, the two of us forced Frankie to our front yard where he gave up and rolled on his back in surrender.

Spray bottle and FrankieSince then, he has been more annoying then ever. We decided to buy a spray bottle in an attempt to keep him from ruining the screens further and as a method of coming and going at will. We tried that before on Chris with little success (see Chris versus the spray bottle) but so far it has worked on Frankie. Now when we leave we point the bottle at him and then leave it outside the door for when we come home. I also spray him when he starts picking at the screen.

Does anybody else have a problem with keeping cats inside? i’d love to her about it.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to put up the Christmas tree, string the lights and decorate the house. For the feline members of our family, this is equally festive because there is just so many new things to get into.

Bad Cat Chris and Frankie

Hey Frankie! Look at these little people.

Cat Frankie

Forget the little people, Chris. Check out this box.

Puck and Bad Cat Chris

Forget the box, Frankie. look at the size of this bag.

Cat Chris biting Christmas decoration

Don’t worry guys. I took care of this big, weird-looking, pink bird

Frankie and Christmas tree.

These lights are mesmerizing.

Frankie and Christmas tree.

I just want to bite them.


Frankie and Christmas tree.

Aghhhhhhhhhh! I can’t help myself.

Frankie and Christmas tree.

Who me? I didn’t do anything. It was Chris.

Bad Cat Chris and Christmas tree.

I gonna wait here until Santa comes.

Bad Cat Chris and Christmas tree.

When’s that fat man coming. It’s been ten minutes already.


Bad Cat Chris, Frankie under Christmas tree.

Tell me when you see Santa, Frankie.

Bad Cat Chris, Frankie under Christmas tree.

I’m gonna take a little nap.