I’m Not Ready to Go Inside Yet

It happens every time. Whenever it is time for Chris to come inside, he gives me a run for my money. I suppose I can’t blame him. When I let him out I have to watch him and I rarely have the time to just hang out and babysit a grown cat.

Lately, Chris has been the only one allowed outside. Frankie turned out to be a runner so it is not safe to let him out. He’s been out twice and both time we had to chase him through the neighborhood to get him back. I’m afraid we will lose him if it happens again. Puck likes to go outside and he generally stays close but sometimes he gets nervous and wants to go back in right away so I don’t feel bad leaving him inside.

Chris makes getting out the door his mission in life. I often let him out just because it is easier than trying to stop it. For example, if I have a lot of groceries to bring in I let him out so I don’t have to fight with him on every trip. Sometimes I don’t let him out but he slips past me anyway. In either case, I usually give him a few minutes and then try to retrieve him and bring him back inside.

That is when he gives me the most trouble. He knows when I am ready and he goes out of his way to avoid me. I think that is also when he starts looking for a lizard because he doesn’t want to go back in empty-handed (or empty-pawed).

Here is a recent attempt of me trying to get Chris to come inside.

The Woobie

The first time I heard the word “woobie” was in 2005. Rose heard her mother use it to refer to a blanket that her brother would carry around with him like Linus from the Peanuts comic strip. I thought it was a made up word but it really exists and it means “security blanket.”

I was introduced to the word after we adopted Tigger and Flash. Initially, Tigger was adopted by Rose’s mother, but the next day the shelter called and said they wanted him back because his brother Flash was in much distress without him. We tried to talk her into adopting Flash (they had different names then) but she only wanted one cat at that time so we ended up adopting both of them.

They lost their mother at a very young age so Tigger developed a habit of sucking on Flash’s belly. Rose referred to Flash as Tigger’s “woobie” and would jokingly say to tigger “No sucking on the woobie!”

Our cats Tigger and Flash as kittens.

Tigger sucking on Flash’s belly.

Our cats Tigger, Flash and Alex

Tigger and Flash with Alex watching.

Later we bought a fleece blanket and discovered that the cats were attracted to it like catnip. Soon the blanket was referred to as the “woobie blanket” and we bought several more over the years.

Last week Rose put one of the woobie blankets on one of the chairs in the living room and it instantly became Chris’s new favorite place to nap.

Bad Cat Chris napping on the woobie blanket

Chris napping on the woobie blanket

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The Conquest of Fort Box

Recently I gave the cats a nice box that they liked to play in and then I took it away because we had to ship something and it was just the right size. I felt bad about it so when I came across another box at work I grabbed it.

I decided to make this one better than the last so I taped the top closed and cut two openings; one on the front and one on the side. I then cut a few peep holes in it so the box could feel like a little fort with spy holes to watch the “enemy.”

I named it “Fort Box” and the cats took to it right away, especially Colonel Chris who took over command of the fort.

Bad Cat Chris in Fort Box

I hereby assume command of Fort Box.

Bad Cat Chris in Fort Box

I know you’re there Frankie

Bad Cat Chris in Fort Box

Okay, Puck. Your turn to stand guard.

Puck in Fort Box

It’s scary in here. I’m shaking.

Bad Cat Chris and puck at Fort Box

Puck! You’re supposed to be inside the fort.

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

Like this. I’ll show you.

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

I wonder if there is an attic?

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

I can see you guys so don’t try anything.

Bad Cat Chris  at Fort Box

You can have your turn Frankie, when I am done lying here doing nothing.

Our cat Frankie at Fort Box

Finally! What’s this?

Our cat Frankie at Fort Box

Yuck! Tastes like cardboard.

Our cat Chris at Fort Box

C’mon Frankie! It’s my turn again.

Bad Cat Chris in box

Where did you go Frankie? I was just kidding. You can come back. I’ll share.



200th Post

Today marks my 200th blog post. I write this blog mostly for the fun of it and not to accomplish any type of goal, however, it does feel good that I have made it this far.

When I started this blog I intended to tell Chris’s story from the beginning. That story eventually let to the eBook, “Bad Cat Chris” which was mostly taken from those first six months of posts. After I caught up with his story I worried I wouldn’t have much to write about but Chris and Crew have kept me busy.

Here are a few statistics from the last 100 posts:

  • It took over 17 months to write the first 100 posts and less than 9 months to write the next 100 posts.
  • My most viewed post was “Are Ginger Cats Friendlier,” which was actually written before my 100th post but must have gotten Google’s attention since then.
  • The post with the most comments was Zzzzzzz… Crash.
  • My biggest commenter was Fossiemum who was also tops on my first 100 posts. She has two blogs (that I know of). Fozzie.M and All Fur One and One Fur All. Other top commenters include The Island Cats, Caren and Cody from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody, Sammy from One Spoiled Cat, Julia M from Lessons With Oscar, and Sparkle the Designer Cat.
  • The countries with the most views this past year are The United States, Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. It is interesting that people from over 75 countries have checked out my blog this past year. I love that I am reaching people all over the world.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read Bad Cat Chris. I hope you will continue to come back as I will do my best to give you something worth coming back for.

Before I finish I just want to mention again that Chris has taken over the Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Please check them out.

Bad Cat Chris on Laptop

Rebuilding Burnt Bridges – Part Two

Several weeks ago I wrote a post called Rebuilding Burnt Bridges where I talked about how Chris tormented Frankie for weeks after we adopted him but then had a change of heart and decided he wanted to be friends with Frankie. Unfortunately, that came too late and Frankie didn’t trust him. Not only that, whenever Chris tried to be nice, Frankie would attack him.

Since that post Chris has continued in his efforts to make peace and lately I have seen signs that things are getting better. They still fight, and Frankie is by no means ready to be Chris’s best buddy, but there are occasions when Chris moves in close to Frankie and Frankie doesn’t attack him. Indeed, sometimes he doesn’t leave either. I know it is not much but it is much better than what we have been used to seeing. Chris may be a bad cat but he has a good heart and sometimes it shows.

Our cats Puck, Chris and Frankie.

I was shocked to see this scene yesterday. They are actually sleeping while touching each other.

Our cats Chris and Frankie.

Sorry about the quality but needed to get a quick picture of this before it was over.