Tub Pooper C

Charles Huss:

This is the beginning of Chris’s pooping problem. It continued to be a problem of varying degrees for about three and a half years until we moved into our current home. A certain type of litter helped a lot but the problem went away when I combined the litter boxes in the same room. I had them spread around the house so he was always near one, but now, if one box is not perfectly clean, he can move over to the other box.

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Chris had a few minor medical problems when we brought him home. Rose said it was common for shelter cats to have issues so we waited to see if they would clear up. The first problem was with his eyes, Especially with his left eye. He seemed to sometimes not open that eye as wide as the right one. He also seemed to always have what we call “eye boogers.” It is like dried up mucus in the corners of his eyes.

We seemed to be constantly cleaning his eyes. Eventually the problem diminished but it never really went away.

This is Chris a couple of days after his adoption. Notice the “eye booger” and the partly closed left eye.

Of course we were not lucky enough to have a cat with one problem. He also had a very loose stool, almost like diarrhea and he seemed to always be pooping. He would poop…

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The New Scratching Chair

Rose: Don’t even think about scratching my new chair, Chris. You ruined the last one.

Bad Cat Chris scratching new chair

Chris: I’m just looking at it. Besides, it wasn’t all me. Frankie helped ruin the other chair.

Rose: Just behave, and don’t be a bad cat.

Bad Cat Chris scratching new chair

Chris: This is really nice fabric. I’ll bet this was expensive.

Rose: Chris! What did I just tell you?

Bad Cat Chris scratching new chairChris: Check out the workmanship.

Rose: Chris! Stop it! Stop scratching the chair!

20150321_Cats_1104Chris: Mom, this chair is really nice. I would talk to Frankie about keeping his claws off of it.

Bad Cat Chris: King of the Lizard Hunters

Yesterday we broke with our new tradition of letting the cats outside on Sundays and let them out on Saturday. They all had a lot of fun running around, rolling in the dirt and chasing down lizards.

Frankie was good for the most part but, unlike last week, he ventured through the fence… twice. I didn’t worry about him though. I jut kept an eye on him and he came back before going too far. I did have to go through the gate and pick him up from the side of the property, both times, and bring him back to the back yard. He also used up a lot of energy and I saw him panting several times. I thought he was tired and would slow down, but I was wrong.

Last week both Chris and Puck caught a lizard but this week Chris was the only cat to bring home the prize. He did it by showing us he is still a bad cat. He wondered onto our neighbor’s patio and walked back out the door less than twenty seconds later with a lizard in his mouth, proving he is still the top lizard catcher in the family, despite his weight gain. I don’t totally blame Chris for going on her patio. If she would close the door that wouldn’t happen.

Bad Cat Chris with lizard

Chris showing off his lizard

our cat Frankie tired and panting

Frankie tired and panting.

I uploaded a video of what I go through with these boy but it is fairly long. If you don’t have the time I recommend starting at around 6:45. In case you don’t watch the video, I should mention the lizard is alive and well, assuming some other creature hasn’t eaten it since yesterday.

Frankie Unleashed

It has become a routine lately that the cats go outside for ten or fifteen minutes every Sunday. I put Frankie’s harness and leash on and walk around the yard with him while Rose keeps an eye on Chris and Puck. It seems that Frankie has gradually come to realize that there are plenty of interesting things in our own back yard and has become less envious of what is on the other side of the fence. The last time I had him on the leash he did not even attempt to go through the fence.

It was then that I decided it was time to lose the leash and let Frankie play with Chris and puck unencumbered. I was pretty confident that he would stay close if I watched him and “herded” him away from the fence if needed. I was also certain he would return home since he has done so before and he was now very familiar with the area. I did need to hedge my bet a little in case I was wrong so I decided to stop at PetSmart last week. They have a machine there that engraves tags, so I bought one for Frankie and put his name, our address and phone numbers on it.

On Sunday I put the tag on a collar that I have had for awhile and put the collar on Frankie. We then crossed our fingers and let them all out.

Our cats, Chris, Frankie and Puck

Surprising, Frankie was not a bad cat and stayed close most of the time. The only issue I had was when he walked into our neighbor’s patio like Chris did a few weeks ago. Chris, however, caught a lizard and ran into the house with it. Oh well, at least they had fun.

The Return of the Egret

When we moved into our current home almost two years ago, an egret would show up every afternoon expecting to be fed. I assumed the previous resident had fed the bird and I felt bad letting him (I will assume it is male for this writing) go hungry, but we typically don’t have meat suitable for birds lying around the house. I tried giving him cat food but that was a no-go. We did buy hot dogs for him once but we are not always home and didn’t want the bird to become dependent on us so we stopped feeding him when the dogs were gone. Soon he only came around occasionally and then not at all.

That changed the other day when he showed up at our back door looking for food. I’m not sure what changed but he apparently has a long memory.

egretAgain we had no food for him. Rose wanted me to throw him some cheese but I didn’t think that was a good idea, partially because the cats were very interested in him and opening the door would have been difficult with two bad cats and Puck wanting to run out.

Cats and egretbad cat chris watching egret Eventually he got the hint and went away. I felt very bad not giving him anything but I think it would be better if I teach him how to fish.