Frankie’s Big Adventure: The Movie

Sunday, Rose and I went out to do a few errands and have lunch. When we returned, Frankie ran out the door again. This time, by pure chance, I happened to be carrying my GoPro camera and turned it on as I gave chase. He led me on a bit of an adventure and I actually lost him a couple of times but the chase was cut short when Frankie caught a lizard and wanted to bring it home. I think he is more like Chris then he would care to admit.

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Decisions, decisions

Charles Huss:

I started this blog a couple of years after we adopted Chris and for several months I recounted stories from the past. Many of those were good stories but I had very few readers back then so I thought I would occasionally share a story from the past, starting with the day I met Chris.

Originally posted on Bad Cat Chris:

Volunteering at the Sav-R-Cats shelter was nice because I finally felt like I could be useful and help get cats adopted. My primary job was to photograph the cats and put them on That was difficult at first because it had been awhile since anyone had done it and nobody knew the username, password and other important information. Eventually I got that working and I also revamped their website,

Rose came to visit the shelter a couple times and took interest in a cat named Kinsey. He was a very friendly cat that would jump onto the shoulders of visitors to the shelter. It was as if he was saying “adopt me” to anyone who would listen. We would have taken him in but we were not ready for another cat.

Eventually I started filling in at the Myrtle Beach Petsmart in the morning when they needed someone to clean the…

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Our Cats are Full of Surprises

I walked into the kitchen on Sunday and noticed Chris lying on the chair with his arm around Puck’s neck.

cats Frankie and PuckThis was cute but it was no surprise because Chris is a very affectionate cat. He is always lying with someone, either human or feline. Puck and Frankie, however, will accept another cat’s attention but they don’t seek it out.

Don’t get me wrong. They like to play with each other, especially Frankie and Puck, but the close napping always involves Chris in one way or another. That is why I was shocked when Chris turned his head to look at me. I had to look twice. It was not Chris, but Frankie, lying there with his arm around Puck.

cats Frankie and Puck

Our cats are just full of surprises.

Work and Cats Don’t Mix

My wife has been sick the last couple of days and has not slept well due to difficulty breathing through her nose. In spite of her need for rest, she brought several hours of work to do at home. After we ate dinner she was too tired to work and went to bed early. At 2:30 this morning she was again having trouble sleeping so she got up to do her work. I woke up briefly when she got up but quickly fell back asleep until 4:30 when I heard Rose yell, “Chris! Stop that!” I think I may have heard swearing as well but I might have been dreaming.

I knew what was going on. Chris was biting her legs. He does that sometimes when he is not getting the required amount of attention. I decided I needed to drag myself out of bed to distract Chris so Rose could get her work done. Chris and work just don’t mix. I have tried it many times before and if he is not biting, he is stepping on the keyboard or rolling around on the desk and forget about having a cup of coffee nearby. Sometimes I just give up and come back to it when he is sleeping.

Here is a video of Chris biting my leg. It is an old one but it illustrates what we have to go through with him.

I don’t think I have to ask but who else has trouble getting work done with cats around?